How to find a yacht job?

The yacht industry is notoriously a harsh one. It is all about knowing somebody in the industry who can help you. But when you know nobody but are still passionate about making a career in yachting, don't panic. If you understand the recruitment process, you can get your head above the water. And today's post is especially dedicated to that. Here is our step-by-step guide to help you find your place within the yachting industry.

Make some researches

The first thing in getting yacht jobs is to be well informed about working in the industry. There might be various jobs to do, so you should get to know what jobs suit you best. You will also be dealing with wealthy families, so it will be important to know how to handle such a lifestyle.
You should also get familiar with your job roles. What are the requirements? What are the tasks to be done? And what are the duties and responsibilities? Those are the questions you should ask yourself in order to do your job in the correct way. Once you have more information about the yacht job you would like to do, you can get prepared.

Leverage your training

The second step on the list is to make sure you have the training for such a job. And fortunately, there are many trainers that will definitely be glad to help you. They can provide a wide range of courses along with the suitable certifications. Once you have the right training for the job, you should start leveraging your CV.
Here, having additional skills can be of great help. Typically, you should master at least a foreign language. You can also take advantage of your soft skills or any additional course you attended. These might help you stand out from other applicants. Now you can get your professional CV up-to-date and start looking for a yacht job.

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Find yachting companies

The next step is to figure out which companies are recruiting for job roles on board. That said, there are several ways and means to find such companies. The first is to leverage networking in order to get yourself noticed. In fact, companies have different peak periods.
So, you have to find the right people at the right time. You should also visit the agencies that are looking for personnel in this domain. But if you do so, it is important to dress up in an appropriate way; as you may know it, "first impression matters". You may also look for an internship, especially if you have no experience. If you excel at what you do during the internship, then you may have a chance to get the job!

Apply to online opportunities

Though there might be lots of fake news going and coming on the internet, the majority of the greatest opportunities are found online. You will definitely find a huge selection of job applications, but do not be fooled — find well-known and reputable sites before up-loading your CV. 
You should also try to attend yacht jobs events. These are ultimately going to help you meet recruiters and leverage networking. Some training companies also attend those events. They can help you out with additional training or give you some advice about how to sell yourself in this naturally difficult industry!