Can we get rid of fruit flies?

You are tired of spending a whole day hunting flies. You are confused, and you don't know how to proceed to get rid of these flies that bother you all day long. Read this article to discover some reliable tips to get rid of fruit flies for good.

A very practical plan to prevent fruit flies

The first step in this plan is to store the fruit in the refrigerator. The coolness generated by the fridge will automatically stop the eggs from hatching. When you leave the grocery store, don't forget to scrub the fruit left on the counter under water. After the scrubbing, dry them with a very clean cloth so that all the eggs are removed. The next step is to clean the sink, the garbage cans and the various kitchen counters. Never forget to rinse all plates used during the meal. Since the best place for fruit flies is in the leftover food, and it is often in these leftovers that they lay their eggs. However, if you have an average compost bin, put it in the fridge. The last but not least step is to dry sponges and kitchen towels every time they are used. Because flies love seriously damp places.

Set up fly traps

This solution is also very perfect for getting rid of fruit flies. It's simply the homemade trap solution. These are all-natural traps, but they are as effective as chemical traps. To start, you pour a small amount of vinegar into a glass. After making small holes in a plastic wrap, the plastic wrap will be used to cover the glass. And since the smell of vinegar is identical to the smell of fruit, flies will enter the glass through the holes where they will be neutralized. Remember to empty the contents each day and repeat the same exercise after two weeks. When the flies are completely neutralized, don't forget to apply the practical plan established above.

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