Patagonian Shelf

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The Patagonian Shelf covers an area of about 1.2 million km2, of which much less than 1% is protected. The continental shelf is one of the widest in the world, and encompasses the Falkland Islands/Malvinas. Two major wind-driven currents create a confluence of cold and warm waters that are major elements in making the Patagonian Shelf is one of the world?s most productive and complex marine systems.

In the last few decades, overfishing of both fish and invertebrates has endangered this rich region and the by-catch from the fishing has damaged other species as well. Increased pollution due to development, dumping of raw sewage and marine debris further threaten what was one of the most abundant marine ecosystems on Earth.

Other threats such as invasive species, climate change and have also degraded the environment. This puts additional pressure on endemic species, as well as migratory species of fish such as tuna, marine mammals, seabirds and invertebrates like squid.

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