From the Field

Join us as we visit one of the most important whale shark feeding areas in the world. During July of 2009, the SEA team was on and around the island of Holbox as part of a research expedition to better understand the largest fish on earth.

Whale sharks are widely distributed in all tropical and warm temperate seas throughout the world. Their distribution in these warm tropical waters is linked to the high productivity of these areas, i.e. dense concentrations of plankton. One particular island off the coast of Mexico boasts a large population of migratory whale sharks. Isla Holbox (pronounced "hole-bosh") was a well-kept secret until 6 years ago when whale sharks were discovered right off its coast. Although whale sharks are generally considered solitary animals, they congregate in the waters surrounding Holbox to feed and mate from May through September, earning the island’s designation as the top place in the world to see and swim with these �gentle giants’.

Download your Mission Blue Holbox video here.
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