Eastern Pacific Seascape

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Covering the area from Ecuador to Costa Rica, the Eastern Pacific Seascape contains a number of the world?s most important natural habitats, including Malpelo and Cocos Islands, Coiba, and the incomparable Galapagos, where Charles Darwin carried out his groundbreaking research. Each of these regions has their own significance. Malpelo Island and the surrounding waters are an important breeding ground for several shark species, including the rare Smalltooth Sand Tiger Shark. Cocos Island and Coiba have an incredible diversity of endemic species. Of course, Galapagos and its unique ecosystem, was the staging area for Darwin's research that led to groundbreaking theory of evolution.

Though all of these areas are quite diverse, each of them is facing the same dangers. Invasive species are out-competing indigenous ones, illegal smuggling and fishing are depleting wildlife populations, and in the Galapagos, an increasing human presence is causing substantial harm to the ecosystem. Each of these areas is under a different government jurisdiction makes conservation difficult, and though efforts are underway to preserve each of them, all are classified by UNESCO as threatened areas.

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