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Charlotte Vick

Google Content Manager of The Sylvia Earle Alliance

As the SEA's Content Manager for Google Earth's "Explore the Ocean" layer, Charlotte acts as its lead evangelist, editing and moderating all content for this information-rich new feature introduced by Google in 2009. Charlotte's work with the Foundation began in early 2008, when she leaped at the chance to support Dr. Earle and Google in the development of the new "Explore the Ocean" layer. She continues this work with hundreds of partners and individual contributors, helping them develop compelling stories about marine life, science and exploration, ocean and atmosphere, oceanic ecosystems, marine protected areas and the human connection in Google Earth. The project is a growing concern with new geographic areas and more stories of exploration and discovery every day.

Having lived in and worked with island communities most of her adult life, Charlotte knows first-hand how important the ocean is to the future of life on Earth. Her passion for the ocean and the life within it began while working on island issues for the US Government. One assignment, monitoring the developments in the UN Convention on Law of the Sea, sparked a decade of interest in that initiative. This has been the prism through which she has worked at the cutting edge of coastal resource planning, fisheries management and ocean technology. Understanding and protecting ocean resources are now her primary focus in life. By her own admission, Charlotte is "all OCEAN, all the time."

Charlotte holds a BA degree from the University of Texas at Austin and did ocean studies at the University of Hawaii Manoa in oceanography and fisheries. Currently, she divides her time between Texas, California and the Washington DC area.